Homemade Banana Ice cream (or any other flavor)

I enjoy homemade ice cream so much!!  Fresh banana is one of my favorites!!


This one is so quick and simple to put together and this recipe makes 1/2 gallon.

In a blender puree together:

2 bananas (add any fruit you would like: strawberries, peaches, try cherry pie filling and pineapple together, etc.) or for vanilla icecream, no fruit!!
1 can sweetened condensed milk (low fat or fat free may be used)
1 pack instant vanilla pudding (you can use banana flavor, but I prefer vanilla) (sugar free may be used)

(I taste the puree.  If it needs to be sweeter for your taste, add 1/2 cup sugar)

Pour puree into icecream maker canister.  Fill with regular milk to the full line on your 1/2 gallon freezer.

Process according to freezer directions.

For chocolate: Add chocolate syrup without fruit, and use chocolate pudding

Other things that can be added: butter roasted pecans, chocolate chips, candy bars of your choice, Pistachio pudding mix and almonds or chopped pistachios, andes mints, chunks of  cheese cake with cheese cake pudding mix, edible cookie dough, caramel topping with pecans and chocolate syrup or hot fudge topping for turtle, peanut butter cups or peanut butter and hotfudge sauce, marshmallow cream and hot fudge sauce and top with graham cracker crumbs for s’mores… the possibilities are endless!!!

Snicker Bar Ice cream:  Use chocolate syrup, caramel ice cream topping, in blender.  Add peanuts to the ice cream maker as you are freezing.

Please share any combinations you come up with!!

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