Bible Reading 2020 Day 223


Today’s Reading: Jeremiah 14-17

Jeremiah 14

God brought droughts on Judah and they half-heartily repented.  God’s response was to not accept them, remember their iniquity, and punish their sins by the sword, famine, and pestilence.  Jeremiah reported the words of the false prophets to God.  God said they would die by the sword and famine they were denying.

Judah wept over the coming judgment and asked God to not despise and disgrace them.

Jeremiah 15

The Lord told Jeremiah that even if Moses and Samuel were to stand before Him, His heart would not be with this people. He appointed a terrible destruction over them.

God told Jeremiah He would protect him.

Jeremiah 16

God commanded Jeremiah to not take a wife or to father children because they would die. God told him not to enter the house of mourning, because God had withdrawn His peace, lovingkindness, and compassion from this people. Jeremiah was also commanded to not feast with others, because God would eliminate rejoicing and gladness.

God made a wonderful promise of restoration after the judgment and He would make a zealous pursuit of His people.

People from all over the world (Gentiles) will know that He is the Lord.

Jeremiah 17

Because of Judah’s sin, God’s anger burned against them and they would become servants to their enemies.  Cursed is the man whose heart turns away from the Lord, but blessed is the man whose trust is in the Lord.

Jeremiah prayed for deliverance and protection.

Jeremiah delivered the message to the people to obey God’s command of the Sabbath.  If they would obey this command, their city would be inhabited forever.  If they did not keep the sabbath day holy, God would kindle a fire that would devour the palaces of Jerusalem and it would not be quenched.

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Bible Reading 2020 Day 222

ChronBibBlogToday’s Reading:
Jeremiah 10-13

Jeremiah 10

They people made worthless idols from wood.  The LORD is the true and living God.  He made the earth by His power, and established the world by His wisdom.

Jeremiah had a vision of a coming invasion of the Babylonians, as God’s judgment. He warned the people of the land to quickly prepare.  Jeremiah prayed in distress and pain, as if he was one under the Babylonian invasion.  Jeremiah prayed for God to pour out His judgment on the invading army.

Jeremiah 11

God commanded Jeremiah to preach  in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem about the covenant He made with their ancestors that if they obeyed and followed His commands, they would continue to have their bountiful land, but those who did not obey the words of this covenant would be cursed.  They were rebellious and broke the covenant and would experience the curse of God’s judgment.

God made Jeremiah aware that men of Anathoth had a threat against his life for proclaiming the Word of the Lord.  God told him He would punish them with a famine and destroy all of them.

Jeremiah 12

Jeremiah asked God about justice and the challenges he was facing.  God encouraged Jeremiah that his present challenge was preparation for greater challenges to come.

God told Jeremiah He had abandoned His beloved people to their enemies.  They have made God’s land a desolation and He will uproot them from their land. After He has uprooted them, He will have compassion on them, and will restore them.  Then, if they  follow the ways of the Lord, they will be built up, but if they will not listen, that nation will be uprooted and destroyed.  

Jeremiah 13

This chapter tells of two prophesies given to Jeremiah.

The Lord told Jeremiah to buy a linen waistband and used it to show how the Lord would destroy the pride of Judah and Jerusalem because the wicked people refused to listen to Him.  God said that just as the waistband clings to the waist of a man, He made the household of Israel and Judah to cling to Him and be His people, but they did not listen and were wicked.

The second was the sign of the wine jug. The jugs were to be filled with wine, the people of Judah would get drunk and be destroyed and put to shame because they forgot God and trusted in falsehood.

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