Do You REALLY Mean “Hallelujah”?

Can you shout “Hallelujah” and mean it? Do you used the word flippantly or in jest? I have been guilty of this. I have often used the word in the “Madea” voice, “Halleler-yer.”

I started a study this morning on the meaning of the word, “Hallelujah.” And God has used this to convict me of my misuse of this word. Do you know what the word means?

Hallel-> is Hebrew for “praise”
Jah-> used at the end of any Hebrew word means “Jaweh” or “Jehovah”

So when we say, “Hallelujah,” we’re saying, “Praise Jehovah.” We are speaking the Lord’s name in an abbreviated form, so when I have used this word trivially or flippantly, I am using the Lord’s name in an irreverent manner.

If you say the word and really mean, “Praise the Lord!” Then shout it with joy and exuberance.

Charles Spurgeon once said, ” Surely, this is not a word to be dragged in the mire. It should be pronounced with solemn awe and sacred joy.”

A few quotes from this study by Nancy Wogelmuth,
“To praise the Lord is a great privilege, but it’s also an awesome responsibility for every child of God in every season and Circumstance of their lives.”

“This is to be a habitual lifestyle. It’s a way of life…. 24/7 we are to be and lifestyle of praising the Lord – consciously, volitionally, gladly, eagerly, willingly.”


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