Necktie Angels Tutorial

I really enjoy doing recycle crafts.  I was browsing Pinterest for simple, cute, recycle crafts I could work on for a craft fair I am planning.  I found a really cute angel that was made from a necktie.  I was even more excited when I walked in my local thrift store and found ties on sale 4/$1.  So, being the impulsive crafter that I am, I grabbed up a bunch of ties, went home, and looked at the picture only to realize I would need other supplies to do these angels.  So, like many crafters, I just sat down, started cutting, and came up with my own way to do the angels.  This is what I came up with:





I shared my final product on Craft Hoarders Facebook Group.  Some of the crafters asked for instructions of what I did, so this is my attempt to give a quick, pictorial tutorial.  (Like how I rhymed there? :))




Ok, here we go:IMG_20171031_152645007_1

First, get a necktie and cut off about a foot from the wide end.







Flip the tie over and pull apart the seam, exposing the interfacing, and cut off about an inch.



Then, put a dot of hot glue on each corner and fold over like this:IMG_20171031_152925216Fold that over and glue it down, then thread a piece of heavy string through the pocket.  I used jute because, well, I am a “craft hoarder” and I have a huge spool, and it is cheap, and it works…




Take the ends of the string and tie it tightly in a knot, making a little circle out of the top of the tie.





I found these little ornaments at $Tree.  They are the perfect size for angel heads.  Take one of the ornaments and cover the hanger end with hot glue and put hot glue on the gathered circle, mash them together, and just be patient while it cools off.  Sing a verse from your favorite childhood song or your favorite hymn while you wait, and it should be just about enough time for it to cool down and stick.  Can you see it coming together, now??

Now, take the thin end of the tie and tie a simple knot about two inches from the end, and cut it off so the knot is in the middle.  Flip the angel over and hot glue the ends to the back, centering the knot on the front.

Make a bow from wired ribbon.  I did a double bow because my ribbon is not very wide. Hot glue the bow to the back.  Again, exercise the virtue of patience!!  I used a glitter pipe cleaner to make a halo and glued it on.

I added a hanger made from heavy fishing twine, and there you have it.  Please share your pictures if you make one.

IMG_20171031_155553019.jpgHave a great, creative crafting day!!

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