Menopause, or Could It Be???

Menopause, or could it be “Men will pause'” because they have never seen the likes of a woman crazed like this. Or is it “mental pause,” because your brain checks out and takes a vacation and you just walk around in a daze of confusion.. Or maybe you are experiencing all of it… Yep, that is me, and this is just the beginning. I am in that beginning stage that is still called “peri”… I have to admit, while I blame a lot of things on this “menopause creature,” it doesn’t seem as bad as some have experienced, so for that, I am grateful.

So, just how bad is it? Yes, I have mood swings. Yes, I have hot flashes followed by icicles hanging off my toes. Yes, I wake up with the feeling of a dark cloud hanging over me and other mornings I wake up with so much energy I think I am going to explode. Yes, I can be having a wonderful day and one little, itty, bitty word can just make me turn into some “countryfied, red-neck” version of a female creature from the black lagoon… telling people off with the little neck pop and all… IT.IS.UGLY, people!!

My husband and I have done some research about natural helps for menopause. I have found that my diet can help with some of these side effects. There is also a wonderful herb that is called Maca (a relative of the radish family), and it has done wonders. I don’t take it every day, but on days that I begin to feel that I could snap somebody like a green bean, I take it. The days that I cry over absolutely everything and I my is swollen to the point I look like I have been beaten with a stick, I take it. For the days that I can’t figure out why I walked into a room, or can’t process thoughts, I take it, and it has been wonderful.

But more than any diet or any herb, more than ever, on those days, I have to begin with God, begin by putting my mind right. Some days, I have to do that over and over and over again, not just in the mornings. It starts when my eyes open by praying every morning with my husband, then listening to women of God teach (I am a Nancy Leigh DeMoss fan and have started listening to her podcast while cooking breakfast), and then listening to good, theologically sound praise and worship music (Sovereign Grace Music station on Pandora!), and then as I have conversations or listen to conversations with teenagers, I have to go back again to God’s Word and prayer.

Today, after praying, reading some Scripture, and listening to the podcast, it was time for the children to get up. I found myself feeling defensive hearing a conversation that I had no part of…the conversation was not about me, they were talking to their Daddy, and yet, I was some how feeling “riled up” and dreading how this day was going to turn out. I didn’t mention it, and in my mind, there arose a battle of “this is nothing, your mind is being attacked vs. no it isn’t , just listen to how they are acting”. I refrained from getting involved and decided to just keep it to myself during our breakfast/Bible study. However, the whole time, this battle just continued to play in the back of my mind.

After the Bible study, I asked my husband if he saw it this way or felt it was disrespectful and he thought about it, which told me right away that if he had to think about it, it didn’t register with him the same way, and he confirmed that by telling me he didn’t see it that way.  So I walked over to the medicine basket (yes, at this age, the “basket” stays by the bed) and took out the Maca…this would be a 3 capsule day!! And that familiar voice that was telling me my mind was being attacked, told me to look to God’s Word for Scripture on defending my mind from the attack.

I did a quick search for “Scripture about protecting my mind from bad thoughts,” and I found this page written by Priscilla Fryer and today, I am thankful for finding this. It is 12 verses to protect your mind. For me, this is the 12 verses that protects my mind from the enemy that opens a door for Satan to attack…and her name is “Menopause”!

I have copied these 12 verses onto a sheet that I can print and hang on my fridge to remind me throughout the day, that before I get angry, or emotional, or run to the fridge for something to make me feel better, I see this and begin reading it and praying.  I named it “DURING MENOPAUSE” and you can click on “DURING MENOPAUSE” and get your own printable list!!

I am just choosing a verse today to repeat over and over and ponder on:

2 Corinthians 5:10
Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

Even if you aren’t blessed enough to be going through menopause yet, these verses are just a great way to refocus, as moms, every day to keep our mind on Christ!

Have a super blessed day!!

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