A Kink In The Plan…Already!

This was written yesterday and finished today with a photo:

Well, it the first day of my meal plan, as many of you may suspect, I have a kink in the plan from day 1! Sweet Pea, Music Man, and Sportsman have been with their mom during Thanksgiving holiday and because all of us, even the ones in another state, have been sick, we will go and get them today…around 6:00, which is dinner time.

I really don’t want us to have to spend money on the road when I have all of this food, and my plan doesn’t include anything that travels easily, so I decided to make Cheeseburger Pockets to pack and take with us for dinner.

We love pockets with fresh homemade bread and filled with yummy goodness, but they are such a hassle to make! I did come up with an idea to make it a little simpler.

For these pockets, I will be using my recipe for Light Oat Bread and my recipe for Cheeseburger Joes.  I will apologize now… I forgot to take pictures of the process, but I think it pretty self explanatory.

I put the ingredients for the bread in my bread machine on “dough” cycle, and do whatever I need/want to do for the next hour and half.  I do suggest during that time, begin browning your hamburger meat, if you don’t have it precooked, as I did.  The Cheeseburger Joes come together pretty quickly.  When it is done, set it aside.

When thy cycle ends, remove the dough and divide into two equal pieces.  On a lightly floured surface, roll both pieces into thin rectangles, as close to the same size as possible. Using a butter knife, lightly score one piece of dough to divide into the number of pockets you want to make.  I did 12 for our family of 5.  Spoon some of the burger mix into the center of each division, leaving room on the edge of each, to form a seal.  After putting meat in the center of each division, put the second large rectangle of dough over the first. Use your finger to press the dough together between each pocket, forming a seal.  Using a dough knife or pizza cutter, cut down the center of each seal and place on a parchment lined or sprayed baking sheet.  Place in a preheated 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes or until golden brown.  Rub butter over the tops and they are ready to eat or wrap for the road!!

PHOTO UPDATE:  The kids just cooked a couple of the left overs for snack this morning.  This is what they look like.

Cheeseburger pockets

For Breakfast or Make Ahead Meal:  You can replace the ground beef with sausage and make them the night before for breakfast pockets.  You can also add ham, bacon, scrambled egg, green pepper, onion, etc. for Breakfast Casserole Pockets. The morning you want to use them, just heat them in the oven.  These should keep in the fridge for about 3 days, if you are using egg, and a week if you do not use egg.  These also freeze beautifully.  I put them in a cold oven the night before I want to use them, go to bed, get up, and turn the oven on 350 degrees, make the coffee and breakfast is ready to go!!


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