Two Week Meal Plan

Hi! I have not been around for a while, we have moved recently and are in the throws of renovation, we just finished up football season, and so many other things that keep life jumping!!

I recently joined a couple of Face Book groups where moms are sharing and searching for ideas on menu planning, freezer cooking, budgeting and frugal meals. I love to share on those groups, but recently I have been sharing the same things over and over… and then the thought occurred to me: “Duh, you have a blog…why not just begin keeping up with that again and share the link rather than typing it all!” So, I am back.

I do feel more organized when I am keeping up with my blog for cooking, Bible study, gardening, and lesson plans, and I love connecting with people through this, so, even in my chaotic life, right now, I am going to attempt to post on at least one topic each day!! Here is today’s: This is my two week meal plan and how I am prepping ahead of time to save on time, money, and energy each day!!

This is a printable copy of my menu.  week of 12:1 grocery list


White beans and sausage soup  (serve with cornbread or rolls)
Beans and rice w/ polish sausage
Beef/bean bake
Chicken and Dumplings
Beefy mac and cheese
Ranch pork ribs
Ranch chicken or turkey
Chili dogs
Frito chili pie with spices
Sausage/sweet corn chowder
Chicken rotel
Chicken noodle soup
* Note: I will slice enough for our dinner with a few leftovers for next day lunch. I will portion out the rest by dicing enough for a casserole at breakfast or dinner, and will use the bone with some meat left on it to put into a pot of beans or soup.
Leftover meal-Ham

Usually consists of left-overs, sandwiches, or when budget allows, they get to choose three items for lunch that are under $1. Sweet Pea usually chooses cans of pasta dishes, like ravioli, mac ‘n beef, etc. Music Man chooses the Asian dinners like Yakisoba, and Sportsman chooses $3 worth of hot dogs!!

BREAKFAST  I serve some protein (meat or eggs) with muffins, cakes, rolls, etc.
Grilled cheese/fruit (Slices of ham added, if available from lunch meat)
Sausage biscuits 1 lb, sliced into 10 slices
Bacon Biscuits 1 lb. of bacon 2 slices each biscuit
Breakfast pizza
Bacon Cheese Potatoes
Hash brown/ham casserole
coffee cake
breakfast burritos
cinnamon rolls
apple cobbler cake
Sausage Joes w/rolls

You will notice that I don’t assign days to my meal plan, because when I do, something usually happens to throw off the schedule so I just choose in the morning what I am going to have for that day…or the night before, in case I need something to thaw.

In preparation for at least 7 meals, I cooked 3-4 lbs of boneless, skinless chicken breasts and thighs, in the crock pot and will divide this into 3 zip top bags, labeled for: Chicken Rotel, Chicken/Rice/Broccoli, Chicken Stirfry.  I also put 4 lbs of beef in the crock pot, cooked until done, drained and divided that up into 4 equal bags labeled: Beef/bean bake, chili corn chip pie, Beefy Mac N Cheese, and Minestrone.  Now my meat is already cooked for 7 meals, saving me many hours at the stove!!


White Bean Soup:Bean Rice Recipes
Minestrone Soup Link
Beef and Bean Bake
Chicken and Dumplings
Beefy mac and cheese
Ranch pork ribs (I use boneless country ribs because they are usually cheaper than chops.)
Ranch chicken or turkey– place enough frozen (or thawed) chicken pieces in your slow cooker to feed your family.  Empty on top one pack of ranch dressing per 2 lb of chicken. I use 2 packs.  Place top on your slow cooker, and cook on high 4-6 hours until chicken is tender, but not shredding.  I serve with mashed potatoes (drizzle some of the sauce from the chicken over the top), and green beans!!
Frito chili pie with spices (I add a pack of chili mix and cook onions and bell peppers with the beef to give this a bit more flavor. Also, for my family of 5, I use 4 cans of chili beans and 2 bags of corn chips {99c at Aldi}.  We top with shredded cheddar.)
Sausage/sweet corn chowder
Meat/gravy/rice – Brown 2 lbs of ground beef (Option: add onion), drain, set aside.  Follow directions on 2 packets of brown gravy mix, add in beef.  Serve over toast, rice, mashed potatoes, or noodles.
Chicken rotel
Chicken noodle soup –  Boil  1 lb of chicken in 6 cups broth (or water and bullion) until done.  Chop or shred chicken.  Add back into broth.  Add in spices that you like.  I use thyme, basil, onion powder, anything I have on  hand that compliments the smell of the broth, add in egg noodles and cook until noodles are tender.
Stirfry–  1n 1 Tbsp, oil, saute 1 lb.boneless skinless chicken in small cubes until done, add frozen stir fry vegetables, add soy sauce or teriyaki sauce to your liking. Serve over rice.

This grocery list does not include the breakfast items and assumes you will need everything (including spices), except for salt/pepper/flour.  I also have not included groceries for side items for the “entree only” recipes.

Grocery List for blog

I will share pictures each day as I prepare the meals.

I can’t wait for you to cook along with me!!


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