Summer Learning Fun- June 2

Take a trip to the library and check out the summer reading programs.  Most have programs, even for preschoolers and toddlers.

Cut out pictures from magazines or catalogs (don’t forget to cut out people as characters). Have your child tell a “story” using the pictures.  This is a great way to build vocabulary, language arts, and communication skills.

Look at a summer catalog and name summer clothes and items: sandals, shorts, swim suit, goggles, suntan lotion, flip-flops, hats, etc.

Use pudding as finger paint!

Have your child help improve sorting skills by having her help sort laundry.  She can match socks, sort by person, sort by items (socks, shirts, underwear, shorts, etc), sort by color.

If you see butterflies, look at the butterfly when it lands and introduce your child to “symmetry.”  Look at butterflies online and talk about the symmetry in the wings.  Print pictures of butterflies.  Cut out the butterfly and then down the middle.  Glue one half to a piece of paper and let your child draw the missing half.  This is an example of what it may look like:


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