Summer Learning Fun- May 30

Talk about machines found in your kitchen and how they work.  Don’t forget that things like manual can openers, bottle openers, cork screw are all simple machines.

Go outside and look at simple machines on riding toys and yard tools.  Look at how an axle and wheel work.  Take a ride on the riding toys.

Take a walk around your neighborhood or community and listen for different machines, like mowers, road equipment, farm equipment.  If you can, record the sounds and then see if your child can correctly identify each of the machines when you return home.

Do you have a bike trail near your home so you can take a ride with your child?

Let your child pedal to the beat! Take a cd player or ipod outdoors and play music while your child rides his bike/trike.  Play a selection of different styles and speeds.  Play slow and have him bike slowly.  Help him develop rhythm by pedaling to the beat.  For fun, blow bubbles for him to bike through!

There are many benefits to help your child develop skills by riding a bike.  You can build large (gross) motor skills, helps develop balance, and also helps with coordination.  Give directions to your child to help with basic skills: turn right, bike beside the sidewalk, bike over the board, bike under the tree, around the shrub.

Go over bike safety rules.  When your child can explain the rules, present him with a “bicycle driver’s license.”  When you see him practice safety, add a sticker to his license.  Let him carry it when he “drives” his bike!

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