Summer Learning Fun- May 29

These are not in line with any theme, just some quick, fun learning activities to share with your child/ren!

Help develop your child’s gross motor skills by practicing ball handling: Practice rolling, throwing, bouncing, kicking, and catching.

Each week, practice safety information with your child! Does your child know his full name, parents’ names, address, and phone number?

Take a Counting Walk. This is something you can do each day. It can be as simple as counting houses, cars, road signs, squares, circles, things that are a certain color, animals. You can make this more difficult by finding things that start with a certain letter, or end with a certain letter, or how many houses on the left side of the street?

Do you have lots of left over napkins from your Memorial Day Picnic?
Have your child use them to fold into shapes.
For older children, fold paper into fourths, cut across the top, and make a small booklet. Place the booklet in the fold of the napkin and staple. The napkin becomes your book cover. Have you child write or draw a story about your family gathering. You can also include the menu. This helps younger children with memory recall.

Find different flowers in your yard and/or park. Take pictures of the flowers, Have your child smell the flowers and describe the smell. If you have a video capable camera, video your child smelling and commenting. When you return home, have your child draw the flower and help her identify what kind of flower it is. You can help your child practice writing by having her write the flower name on the bottom of the drawing. If you print the flower pictures, you could make a flower book. A page may look like this:
flower power

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