Boat Day

Today’s Quick Summer Learning Fun Activity:  Make Popsicles with 2 cups Hot Water, 2 Cups Lemonade, 1 box strawberry gelatin.  Pour into popsicle molds or small paper cups and freeze.  This lesson is good for: measurement, counting (ingredients), color mixing (What color will the popsicles be?), states of matter (liquid, solid, gas [if you boil water for hot water]), freezing temperatures.  Have your child write/draw in sequence, what you did and talk about it for a language art’s lesson. Take pictures for a Summer Fun Scrapbook!


For a focused lesson, how about looking at boats and docks.  Here are several fun activities with a boat and dock focus:

Begin the day outside with some water colors!  On a large sheet of paper, have your child use water colors and paint waves on the paper.  Hang the painting on a fence or limb to dry.  Clothes pins work great for this.

Talk about boats with your child.  This would be a good time to look at an internet search of different types of boats, what they are used for, and how they are powered. Boats are used for work and play. Boats can be as small as a raft or as large as a ship! They are powered by motors, oars, and sails. Talk about anchors helping a boat stay in one place in the middle of the water and a dock helps a boat stay in place while not in use. A boat is tied to a dock. It is a long flat platform built along the shore and used for loading and unloading. Some people sit on the dock and fish.

Here are some great resources about boats: This site is about boat safety. If you are going to be boating this summer, make sure you go over boat safety with your child.
All sorts of fun songs about Boats: Yahoo! Boat Song Search

Boat craft:

You will need:
Waves painted earlier
craft sticks, toothpicks
Egg carton cup
paper of foam cut into a triangle
Thread or yarn
scissors, glue, paper, pencil, crayons/markers

Have your child glue three craft sticks on the edge of the paper to form a dock. Have your child use a toothpick and the paper triangle to make a sail. Insert the toothpick into the egg cup and glue the egg cup to the paper. Tie a thread or yarn to the “dock” and glue it to the boat. This is to give you an idea of what it could look like:
boat picture

Fishing game:
Cut fish out of construction paper. Add a paper clip to the nose of each fish. Have your child sit on a counter or a table. Make a fishing pole by tying a yarn to a string and add a magnet to the end. Have your child “fish,” pretending that he is sitting on the dock. Enhancement activity: Add numbers to the fish and have your child add the numbers on two fish. If your child is just learning numbers, have him tell you the number on the fish. You can do the same thing with letters. Can he “catch” the letters of his name?

Build a Boat
This activity is so much fun! Give each person in your family a piece of aluminum foil the same size. Have each person form a boat out of the piece of foil. In a bathtub, pool, or rubber tub filled with water, float the boats on the water. For a science activity on surface tension and industrial design, begin putting pennies in the boats, one at a time, and see which boat holds the most pennies!
Hint: A flat bottom boat with only the edges turned up, almost like a raft, covers more surface area and will hold the most pennies!!

Just for Fun!
Get toy boats from the local dollar store to float in a tub or pool of water. For an enhanced activity, let your child/ren use plastic containers to build boats that float!

Extension activities:
If you live near a body of water, sit on a dock or pier and see how many different types of boats you see.

Visit a dock and ask a fisherman to see his anchor, motor, oars, sails.

Can you go on a boat ride?

If you live near a marina, go walk on the docks and look at the boats.

Go to a sporting store and find equipment used on/in a boat.

Look at a life vest and practice “trying it on.”

Have a blessed day!!

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  1. This is perfect, Lori! I will have a few tots here this summer and your plans will go along with our Boat theme. I have also posted my Kindergarten Boat packet if you would like to check those out!

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