Boney Science


The next time your family has chicken, take the left over bone from a chicken leg and clean off all of the meat. Let your child examine the bone and see how hard it is. Place the cooked chicken leg in a one quart jar filled with enough vinegar to cover the bone. After 3 days, remove the bone with tongs, rinse the vinegar from the bone with water and try to bend the bone. Replace the bone in the jar of vinegar, and try it again after another 3 days. Repeat until the bone bends like rubber.

The scientific reason the bone bends is because vinegar is an acid. Although it is mild, it is still strong enough to dissolve the calcium in the bone. Calcium is what keeps the bone hard. When the calcium is gone, the bone becomes soft and almost “sponge-like.”

We need calcium in our bodies to help keep our bones nice and strong. What are some foods that contain calcium?

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