First Menu Plan For Freezer Cooking…

… and the inspiration and links that got me there!!

I am attaching my first meal plan. I will also be sharing a shopping list and the links to the blogs where I found the list.

On my chart, I have included assignments to do ahead, if time allowed. I can tell you now, I didn’t have the time to do all of this. I do have two bread machines and that helps get doughs prepped and into the freezer.

If you have any questions about the menu, the list, or the links, please let me know.

This is  the first menu: First Freezer Cooking Menu

This is my grocery list:Grocery List for Week One of Freezer Cooking

PLEASE NOTE: On this grocery list I have estimated the highest price I have paid. This is the amount of food I bought for dinners the first two weeks, for a family of 5 (2 adults and 3 teens) with a few left overs.  I had a few lbs of ground beef already in the freezer, along with some chicken breasts, so I used that extra to begin my freezer stock.  If you have a family of 3-5 (with young children,) this may be enough for you to have excess and begin your freezer stock.  Everything I could double, I did, as I was cooking the first batch.  I then froze the second batch before cooking.  The est. total of the grocery list is $178.  This does not include breakfast items or breads I made ahead to put in the freezer.

In shopping for the first menu, it took all of my grocery budget to get started. My total budget is $400, but this has to cover paper products, cleaning supplies, pet food, and personal items (soap, shampoo, etc.).  I was not sure this was going to work for me, in the save money area.  In the second two-week shopping session, I went to shopper’s clubs, like Sam’s and Costco and bought what I could in bulk, and that becomes a savings for me.   In the second session, I spent over $100 less, so that could be used to buy in bulk, the most significant savings, like toilet paper, paper towels, flour, cheeses, and milk.

When I went for that second shopping trip, I had 6 meals in the freezer plus some breakfasts. I only had to buy food for 9 dinners and about 8 breakfasts.  I also planned double recipes that second trip and STILL saved over $100!!



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