Fingerprint Fun

Let your child experience a fingerprint investigation!!!

Have your child touch the top of a glass or a window or mirror and look at the finger print. What can you see in the finger print?

Lift a print of your child and then do yours and compare them. For this project you will need:
an index card, a pencil, a sheet of white paper, tape, and a magnifying glass.

Trace your child’s hand on the sheet of paper.

Give your child an index card and a pencil. Have him rub the card with the side of the pencil lead until the card is covered with the graphite.

Next have him roll the tip of his finger in the graphite. I sometimes have to have them rub their finger over the graphite if it doesn’t lift easily.

Then, put a piece of tape on your child’s finger that has the graphite, rub it on, and lift it off. Place the piece of tape, containing the print, on the finger tip of the traced hand. This will help young children relate the project to the print being on the tip of his finger.

Using a magnifying glass, look at the print.

Did you know that no two people have exactly the same print? God created each of us to be unique.
Fingerprints are formed on your fingers five months before birth.

Extended activity:
Use a black ink pad and roll your child’s finger over the pad. Put the print on a piece of white paper. Enlarge the print on your copier. Do the enlarged print of each family member and see if the print can be matched to each person.

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