Do you live near a zoo?  Spring and summer are great times to visit the zoo.  If you have a zoo pass or family membership, you may get tired of just walking around the zoo and seeing the same things all the time.  Use your membership or free admission days to focus your trip and turn it into a lesson. If you don’t have a zoo near you take a walk in your neighborhood and see how many examples of these topics you can find, or visit a pet store.

You can teach your child many scientific vocabulary words by visiting the zoo and pointing out examples of these words or having your child find examples.  Be sure and take a camera to have a photographic encyclopedia of these examples.

Some of the words to discuss and look for examples of:
camouflage- Animals blend into their surroundings to hide from other animals.
domestic animals (tame) vs. wild animals
herpetology- the study of amphibians and reptiles
nocturnal animals
ichthyology- the study of fish
entomology- the study of insects
study individual animals
find animals of comparable size to your child
compare fur on mammals, feathers on birds, scales on fish
mammals that are aquatic
What do animals eat (look at herbivores, omnivores, carnivores)

Feel free to leave a comment if you can think of other areas to study!

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