Blow Paint Art

This is a fun art project that can be done outdoors in the beautiful sunshine.  I did this one on the table on our deck. In the past, I have used clothes pins and hung it on a chain link fence.  The paint will run a little, but that adds to the picture.  I only used one color of paint, but you can choose to use several colors to have a rainbow effect.  You can also teach about primary colors mixing to make other colors.

The first thing you do is put a blob of paint in the center of the paper.


Give your child a straw and have them blow the paint with the straw.  If they move the straw while they blow, it will cause the little splatters that you see around the blob.


Allow the paint to dry.  Using markers or crayons, draw an outline around the abstract shape.  I only did 5 colors here, but I usually fill up the page with the outlines.


Have fun with this!!

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