Milk Carton Birdhouse/Pom Birds

This is a cute activity that will need some parental supervision and parental cutting.



For this activity you will need:

Clean cardboard milk carton (quart, pint, or half-gallon will work.)
Construction paper of contact paper to cover carton
glue or glue dots (crafting dots)
brown construction paper strips, or making for a keepsake, tree bark or mulch for a roof.
Spanish moss or basket grass
Large pom-pom any color except yellow
smaller yellow pom-pom (2-3)
wiggle eyes
small craft feathers
scrap paper for beaks
string or yarn
Parent will need an x-acto knife

Step for Parent before you begin:
Cut a 2-3 inch square in one side of the carton.
Cover the carton with contact paper or construction paper.
If you are adding wood shingles to the roof, you will want to use a permanent glue or a hot glue gun.

With the child:
Inside the carton, make a nest of Spanish moss.
On the large Pom-pom, put wiggle eyes and a beak. Add three small craft feathers to the back to resemble a tail. Set aside and allow the glue to dry.
For the babies, glue small wiggly eyes on the small yellow poms. Allow to dry.
Glue the mother bird onto the carton, just outside the opening.
Glue babies inside the house, onto the nest.
Attach a string or yarn for hanging.

Click here to see some ideas for decorating your milk carton bird house.

Click here for ideas to help make your pom-pom birds.

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