Egg Head Pals


For this project you will need:
Empty Eggshell (A potato will work, too, but will not last as long, unless it starts to sprout and then it can be planted.)
grass seed (rye grass and cress grows quickly)
cotton balls
markers (if using a potato, you will need items to use for the face, like wiggle eyes, elbow macaroni for the nose, pipe cleaner for the mouth)

Instructions for the Egg Head:
Break the egg so that more than half of the shell is usable.
Decorate the egg shell with a face. You can be creative with the face. Use an animal face, silly face, etc. Click Here for a link to a Yahoo! search with many varieties of eggheads.
Put a wet cotton ball in the shell.
Sprinkle with seeds and put in a sunny location.
You can use a strip of paper taped into a circle to hold your egg head, or cut out a section of egg carton.

As the grass grows, you can cut, style, make pigtails, add bows, etc. to your “hair.”

Extension: Do more than one egg head and add food coloring to the cotton ball. You can teach how roots and veins in a plant works, as the grass slightly turns the color of the dye.

Instructions for the Potato Head:
Scoop out a “well” in the center of the potato.
Put in the moist cotton ball
Sprinkle on the seeds.
Decorate your potato.
Place them in a tray, vase or jar opening in a sunny spot.
Spray the potatoes with water daily.
Click here for a link to a Yahoo! search for Potato Heads for Ideas.

Note: you will notice on both links heads made with panty hose. To make these, simple use the foot end of the hose, put in seed, stuff with cotton pillow stuffing or dirt, tie off the end tightly, and decorate. Water the “panty hose” potato and watch it grow!!

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  1. Teresa says:

    I love the eggheads!

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