Spring Arts and Crafts- Birds

I love spring, and I love birds! I will be posting several bird activities over the next few days. Most will be arts and crafts, but some will include science, cutting skills, math skills, shape skills, and more!!

This little bird will be unique to your child. It is a cute little bird make with your child’s footprint.

The concepts you can teach in this lesson are:
Pairs, color matching, color recognition, body parts, shapes (circle/triangle), bird environments, bird body parts (simple for little ones: wings, feet, beak, eyes, tail). If you make a construction paper tree, you can do positional words.

For those a little older, teach that positional words are prepositions. Older children have trouble with prepositions, so familiarizing them with it while young, will help as they grow older. If you look at the word itself, it has the word “position” in it. Anywhere you can put your bird is a preposition.

This is a sample of what your bird may look like, to give you an idea:

foot birds

You will need:
paint (suitable for skin) and paint brush
construction paper or thick paper for paint
For eyes, you can use a hole punch and color the eyes or use wiggly eyes.
2 feathers
Glue or tape
Wash cloth, bucket of water or be near a tub or sink

Paint the bottom of your child’s foot with his favorite color! Have him press his foot on construction paper. Clean his foot.

When the paint is dry, cut out the foot print. Have your child glue on eyes and a beak.

Glue or tape real feathers on the sides of the bird.

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