Plants on Clearance!

We had to go to Lowe’s yesterday for some top soil, and I was in a frugal gardener’s paradise!!  It is so hard to see $15-$20 plants marked down to $2-3 and NOT go home with enough to fill my yard.  Our house is on the market and we have made an offer on a home in the country and well, I just don’t want to spend the money on a yard I am (hopefully) leaving!!  

As we were heading to checkout, I noticed a cart of house plants sitting there, appearing to just be dying.  I asked the clerk about the cart and she told me they were all 75% off!  Oh my!  I went to the cart and checked out the condition of some of the plants that interested me.  I couldn’t resist, I had to take advantage of some of the deals.  

This is what I got for only $9! 

Image          Image
The huge Peace Lilly had been $20 and I got it for $5.  The smaller ones were $1.25 each at 75% off.  I had checked the roots on all of these, by sliding them out of their pot. They are all root bound, and were in very dry soil, but the roots looked nice, plump, and healthy.  These had been moved outdoors in direct sunlight and not watered.  When I got home, I immediately put them in a bath of room temperature water.  
This morning, my peace lily had picked up her leaves and looked much happier!
Image I put the lily in front of my door so it can get sunlight, but not too much.  A few hours later, and it looks so happy and even more alert!!  I am so thrilled to have a peace lily once again.  I had two that I kept alive for several years, but made the mistake of putting them on a covered porch and they got too dry plus scorched in the heat.  We had been out of town for several days and it was too late for them when I returned home.  I think I will keep this happy little Lily in the house!  
I decided that the Arrowhead Vine needed to be repotted.  You can see her peeping out from under the lily. I had one 10″ pot that was empty, so I decided to repot it.  It has been about seven hours since I repotted it, and it has started to spread out in the pot, already!  
Since I can’t garden or work in my yard at the moment, I will get my “plant fix” with my house plants!!  
Happy planting!!
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3 Responses to Plants on Clearance!

  1. TheKajunKween says:

    I always forget to take advantage of the sales and clearance racks in the garden dept. I never even knew they did huge markdowns until last year. I’ve got to keep up w this stuff! I need some green inside my house, I’ve got plenty outside.

    • One other thing I have learned I can do to save money on bulb plants/outdoor plants, is to watch the clearance rack at grocery stores with floral departments, like Kroger. Since bulb plants, like daffodils, paper whites, tulips, etc, are popular in the spring, they will put them on the clearance rack as they start to droop. If the plant has been there for three-four days, take it to the floral dept. manager and let them know you have noticed these plants on clearance for several days and will soon need to be thrown away. Ask them to give you the lowest price they can take and if it is cheap enough, you will take them all, or a majority of them. I witnessed a gentleman doing this recently. Some of the hybrid daffs and tulips had been $18.99-24.99 and each pot had 8-10 bulbs. They gave a price of $1.99 each! He walked out with almost 100 bulbs for less than $20. You can either keep them watered, or after they die back, clip them and allow them to dry out. Plant them in the fall and when spring comes, you have beautiful flowers in your gardens!

      If you notice wilted plants in stores set aside and look as if they are dying, you can ask if they will be thrown away. If you find out they are going to the trash, ask if they know when. Many times, businesses have a policy that they can not give away plants that are being thrown away, but they will let you know when they take them to the dumpster and you can just pick them up. If they know you want them, you can often form relationships with employees and they will put them out on schedule so you can get them!!

      • TheKajunKween says:

        What! That’s incredible! Thanks for the tips! I will be keeping my peepers peeled from now on!

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