Freezer Pizza Dough

On Tuesday, I continued my freezer cooking journey.  Still sick, I enlisted Sweet Pea again.  This time, we did Freezer Pizza Dough.  I used the recipe Crystal shares on Money Saving Mom.  I have a pizza dough recipe that we enjoyed, but I wanted to use one that had been tried and tested in the freezer before venturing out on my own!  I am so grateful for these ladies who have posted their experiences and realizing that everybody does their own thing, to make it work for them, has been such a blessing to me.  It has encouraged me to stick with my plan of freezer cooking, even while feeling puny!

I also made two bags of brownie mix for the freezer and a frugal dinner!

This is the link to MSM’s Freezer-Friendly Pizza Dough.

This is so simple to put together.  My family likes a thin crust pizza.   I usually buy 2 Chef Boyardee Pizza Kits for our family. I get five pizzas out of the kit, instead of four.  When I saw how large this batch of dough was, I cut it into three rather than four.  I did two batches and ended up with enough dough for six pizzas.  I will be using the dough this week for the first time!  I will post updates when I use it.



Cost Breakdown:

2 boxes of Chef Boyardee Pizza Kit- $2.38 (This includes the sauce)= $4.76/5= $.94 each dough and sauce.

Homemade crusts: I buy 50 lbs of bread flour at Costco for $15.00. Each cup is about 15 cents. This recipe calls for 5 cups = $.75
2 TBSP Yeast: $.15 (I will be buying yeast in bulk soon, so it will cost about $.10
2 tsp Sugar: $.04
4 TBSP Butter: $.65 (butter will be $.22 for this serving; oil is probably cheaper)

With products I had on hand the cost is $.53
Even before making my own sauce, I get pizza sauce for $1.00 a jar/3= $.34
Each pizza for sauce and dough will still save money at only $.87 each. (It will be cheaper with my lower butter price I found at Costco. Only $.44 each.)

I make pizza every other week. In a year, that is 26 times. With the new butter prices, this will be a savings of $57.20 a year. That is an internet payment!!

Nutritional value: The calories are 232.2 for 1/4 of a pizza as compared to 260 with the mix.  The fat content is about the same at 4.3 for the homemade and 4.5 for the store bought.  Using vegetable oil, coconut oil, or olive oil might cut down on some of the fat content, rather than using butter.

This may not be a significant difference in the homemade and the store bought, but I like knowing every ingredient I am putting into my family.  The one payment saved, the 722 calories annually, being able to throw it in the bread machine, take it out and freeze it, along with the peace of mind of knowing the ingredients, is enough for me to keep making the dough myself.

Next Post:  Make ahead Betty Crocker Brownie Mix.

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