Science- Paper and Straw Glider

Today, we are going to make a straw and paper hoop glider.  You can experiment with the glider by using different size hoops and straws.  

For this project you will need: a 3×5 index card, cut into three one inch strips, tape, and a straw.  



Next, take one strip of index card and tape the ends, forming a circle.



Now, tape the ends of the other two strips of index card together to form a 10 inch strip.



Form a larger circle with this 10 inch strip.



To assemble your glider, tape the end of the straw to the small circle.  Make sure that the end of the straw and the edge of the circle line up.  It doesn’t matter if you put the straw on the inside of the circle, or the outside. 



Then, tape the other end of the straw to the larger circle.



To launch your glider, hold it in the middle of the straw.  The smaller circle should be to the front.  Practice throwing it to see how you get the longest distance. Move your hand to different places on the shaft and change the force with which you throw the glider.  You can change the size of the straw and the size of the hoops.


Share your outcome and the distance you achieve, but most of all have fun and enjoy!

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