My Tomato Harvest!

If you have been following my blog, you know about my attempt to garden in my new home, and the sad, pitiful experience it has been.  My potato harvest, which I was counting on more than any other, resulted in 8 potato plants that grew and thrived and bloomed, and died back and I got ONE potato, that compared in size, to a quarter.

The only thing still living in my garden is a tomato plant.  I saw red and went out to investigate.  This is what I saw.


The tomato was attached to a dying piece of vine, but it had turned red.  I just had to pick it and bring it in the house.

ripe tomato

This is a picture of the tomato.  How nice does this look?  I wanted you to see how large this tomato is!!

ripe 2

Yes folks, this tomato is smaller than a penny!!  I have had a smile on my face this whole morning.  I hope you got a chuckle out of this, too!!

Have a blessed day!!

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