Lori’s Quick and Easy Shepherd Pie

This recipe for Shepherd Pie could be called “Beef Farmer’s Pie” instead of “shepherd,” because there is not lamb in this recipe.  This is one of my family’s favorite recipes I make.  Here are the simple step-by-step directions.


2 lbs. extra lean ground chuck, browned and drained
1 onion, chopped and cooked with the beef
seasoned with onion powder, salt, pepper, to taste
2 cans mixed vegetables, drained
1 can whole kernel corn, drained
1 can green beans, drained
2 packs brown gravy mix
2 cups cold water
Instant mashed potatoes, prepared, for 8 servings.
(You may need extra instant potato flakes, for thickening)
Grated cheese

After the ground chuck beef and onion are browned and drained, add the four cans of veggies (mixed, corn, and green beans), two packs of gravy mix, 2 cups cold water. Stir well. Allow the mixture to cook until thick. If it doesn’t thicken, add about 1/4 cup instant potato flakes and it will thicken nicely.

shepherd pie1

Pour mixture into a casserole dish and top with mashed potatoes.

shepherd pie4             shepherd pie3Top generously with grated cheese.  This has about a cup.

shepherd pie2

Place under broiler until the cheese melts and starts to turn a nice golden brown.

shepherd pie5


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3 Responses to Lori’s Quick and Easy Shepherd Pie

  1. Rebecca says:

    This looks so good! Pinned it 🙂 Thanks for sharing! ~Blessings~

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