Straw Bale Garden 2013 Final Post

The straw bale garden has pretty much died back, despite all my efforts. I will try again next year and will not give up!! My harvest was two small squash and one little potato about the size of a half-dollar. My daughter used the potato, along with a bought one, on a project for the local fair.

Right now, I do have a watermelon about 4 inches round and several blooms on the tomato plants. Green tomatoes continue to grow to about 1 1/2 inches and stop growing. They don’t turn red and are too small to pick and fry. Inevitably, a critter ends up eating them when nothing else is available. I will update on the watermelon, but the garden is closed for this year.

While it wasn’t a huge success for me, I know it works. I have shared the concept with others and their gardens are in full harvest. I have even been given produce from those other gardens, and for that, I am grateful. If God sees fit for us to live in the same location next year, I will put down a barrier of some sort before placing the straw bales.

I look forward to sharing with you again next year!!

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