Early Childhood Cloud Lesson

Cloud lessons:  What is a Cloud and How does it move?

Prior Knowledge and Objectives

Before starting the lesson on clouds, talk to your child(ren) about clouds and find out what they already know. Some facts they may realize (if not, you can point them out) are:

  • Clouds are in the sky.
  • They appear with rain.
  • Clouds cover the sun.
  • Clouds can be in the sky when the sun is shining.
  • Clouds move through the sky.

The purpose of today’s lesson is to learn how a cloud forms and how it moves through the sky.

Has your child ever seen fog or walked through fog?  Fog is a cloud.  Take the time to help them understand that clouds are experienced in everyday life.

Give your child a mirror.  Hold the mirror close to the child’s face and have her breathe on the mirror.  The warm air from inside the mouth joins with the cool air outside the mouth and the result is a “cloudy” mirror.  There is one other way to “see” a cloud formed by our bodies.  Go outside on a cold day and breathe out.  What do you see?  The breath seen in the cold air is a small cloud!


Cloud Jars

After you have talked about clouds and fog, create a cloud in the house, you will need:

  • a clear glass jar,
  • ice cubes,
  • Paper plate or coffee filter,
  • very warm water

While your child watches, pour hot water into the jar, about half full.  Place the paper plate or coffee filter on top of the jar and put the ice on the plate.  A fog will form inside the jar.  Water droplets will form on the glass.  This could take a few minutes to develop.  In the mean time, even though preschoolers may not understand, talk about the process of hot air from the water mixing with cool air from the ice to form a cloud.

How do clouds move?

Moving Clouds

Go outside and watch a cloud move across the sky.  How is that cloud moving?  You want to direct answers to “wind.”  Have your child put his hand in front of his mouth and blow.  Can they feel the air?  That is a small wind.  Give your child a cotton ball (and explain that it represents a cloud) and have him blow the cotton ball across a table. If you have more than one child, let them race to see which one can blow the cotton off the table first!!

Watch That Cloud!

Go outside on a cloudy day, lay flat on a blanket and let your children tell you what they see in the clouds.  Let their imaginations run wild.  When you are finished, have them dictate a story about the “characters” they saw in the clouds.  You can write their story and let them illustrate it.

Make Cloud Pictures

Give your child several cotton balls.  Have him pull the cotton balls apart, glue to a light blue piece of paper, and make cloud pictures.

Bible Connection:
God created the clouds on the second day.
God sent a cloud that brought rain for the flood in Noah’s time.
God sent a pillar cloud to go before the Israelites.
Elijah sent his servant to look for a cloud.
Christ was in a cloud
Voices came out of clouds.

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