A Creative Day of School!

Good Morning! It is a beautiful morning, here in West Tennessee! I pray you are having a Marvelous Monday Morning! I have plans to share a few activities with you today. For the first one, it is a Language Arts Activity. You can choose to do this before the weather gets cold, as a reminder of that great summer vacation on the beach, or you can wait and do this when winter hits hard, and your child is dreaming of the beach. Either way, this could be a lot of fun and not “feel like” school! Make sure you have your camera ready for this one!!

Make a corner in your home “the beach.” If you have a bright lamp stand, put it in the corner to provide “the sun.” Have a beach towel available for your child. Have your reading time here, on your beach.

Story prompts are very important for the prewriting child. To engage your child in creatively finishing stories at a young age, will help form the habit of great stories when they begin writing. At this young age, you can give your child a story prompt and your child will verbally complete the story. You will want to write the story your child tells, verbatim, word for word. Yes, even those “poor grammar” moments. These become a portfolio of your child’s growth in Language arts, and they also become teaching moments. At a young age, you will just being correcting grammar and have them repeat the correct way to you, but for their story, leave it in. If your child has a great, colorful imagination, you can put a few sentences per page and have your child illustrate the story later in the day.

One writing prompt for this scenario would be: “Once a child was lying quietly on the beach surrounded by sand and sun. Suddenly….” and let your child go from there. Encourage complete thoughts and words of imagery. The stories may start out short, but they will grow as your child matures.

You may also want to have a sun hat, sun screen (for the sensory experience), flip flops, beach bag, and maybe even a picnic lunch. If your first few days of home schooling are becoming long and tedious and you just do not know what to do, go outside in a corner of your yard, in the sun, and pretend you are at the beach!! That is one of the great joys of home schooling, you can school ANYWHERE!!

If you live near the beach, take a day to school at the beach. You have your language arts lesson ready. So what about science? All you have to do is take a short walk along the water and see what animals/plant life you can find. Take photos, research it at home, and look at surroundings. Watch, without disturbing live animals. Have your child make “guesses” as to what will happen next. For example: why is the crab digging into the sand, what kind of crab is it (if you don’t know, take a picture), how big is the crab (can you compare it to an everyday object), what will the crab do next, what might happen to the crab? Open the mussels and see what is inside. Measure what you find. Predict what might happen to the same animals/plants in the future. This can be quite simple for young children, you do not have to expect scientist quality answers. It is about offering the experience and watching growth. You now have a VERY in depth science lesson that includes every science processing skill! Your child has observed, classified, measured, and communicated with you. The most high order science processing skills are inference and prediction, and your child has done that, too!

For math, you have measured. You can also sort shells, use empty containers and predict which one will hold the most sand and then try it out.

How did the beach get it’s name? Was it named after an event or a person? If you find out and discuss it with your child, you have now done a history lesson!

What better place to talk about Creation? You can literally see the separation of land, water, and sky. Talk about the day God created the animals of the water. Now you have a Bible lesson.

P.E. could be your walk, it could be digging in the sand.
Write in the sand for handwriting!

If you aren’t near a beach, you can find sea shells at your local $ store. Do you have a lake or river near by? You can do the science observation steps with any animal or plant! The other lessons can be done in a park or in your own back yard!

Very often I have an idea and when I start typing, my mind starts flowing things I didn’t plan. You have just witnessed that! This was supposed to be about the reading and writing for a fun lesson, and ended up being a full day! Oh well, now everyone knows my “fly by the seat of my pants” thought process.

Have a blessed day!!

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