All About Me Theme Unit: Friendship (Week 3)


HELPING HAND is a project you can do all year long with your child, to help teach how to treat others.   For this project you will need MANY cutouts of hands.  You can purchase them precut, trace and cut them individually, cut on a cricut or other cutting machine.  Encourage your child to help others.  When you “see our child” helping  someone, write the “deed” on a hand with the date and put it in your wall.  See how long it takes your child to have a chain around the room.


For this project you will need:
A tree branch
Plaster of Paris
Flower Pot or Coffee Can

If using a flower pot, plug the hole in the bottom. Follow directions on the plaster and pour into the pot/can.  Place tree branch in the liquid plaster and allow to dry in place.

Make photos of your child’s friends.  Print a small (3×3 or 2×2 depending on branch size) photo on card stock.  On the back, add the child’s name and favorites about the child.  As your child makes new friends, add to the tree. This is something that can grow with your child.  Decorate the can/pot and label with “Friendship Tree.”

FRIENDSHIP MATH: When you have the opportunity to have friends over, do some of the following math activities:
**Measuring Heights of children and compare the tallest to shortest and vice versa.
**Weighing children on a scale and compare who weighs more and less.
**Counting friends in class.
**Alikes and Differences between friends (EX: favorite shows, foods, drinks, games, etc.)

FRIENDSHIP MEMORY: Do a search for “free friendship clipart”.  Remember, if it has a watermark or a royalty, it is not free to use.  I have made a friendship memory game for your use from some of the free clip art.  Feel free to make your own, or make two copies of this friendship memory game on cardstock, to play with your child.


  • The Best of Friends, Josephine Haskell
  • Partners, Betty Baker
  • Two is a Team, Lorraine Beim
  • Shawn goes to School, Petronella Breinbrug
  • Three Friends, Robert Fremlin
  • My Buddy, Audrey Oeofsky
  • Making Friends, Eleanor Schick
  • A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle
  • Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni
  • Best Friends – Myra Berry Brown
  • Dandelion – Don Freeman
  • Rainbow Fish – Marcus Pfister
  • Stellaluna – Janell Cannon
  • The Three Friends – Robert Kraus
  • Will I Have a Friend? – Miriam Cohen
  • It’s Mine by Leo Lionni
  •  I Sure am Glad to See you by Martha Alexander

PUPPET PLAY Get a few puppets for this discussion. Discuss with your child, everyday situations where they may need to negotiate and compromise with friends. Some examples: There’s only one doll, but two kids want to play with it.; Mom is reading a book and all four children want to sit by Mom; Your sister wants to play with your new book. Speaking through the puppets, allow your child to work out the situation.  Then have your child draw a book of some of the situations you discussed and draw pictures of the puppets as characters.

FRIENDS CAN BE DIFFERENT PICTORAL BOOK:  Make a book with photos of your child and a friend doing or liking different things.  This book will bring up a great discussion that you can be friends without liking the same things.  You can add photos to a word document or a photo document and add words with your text box.  Print the pages and staple together.  Don’t forget a cover page.  Do 6-7 pages that are similar to:

  • ________ likes to _______ but I don’t, and we are still friends.
  •  I like to _______ but _______ doesn’t, and we are still friends.

Another good book to make with photos would be: “My Best Friend”  I like to put a photo of the two children together on the front cover.

  • _________ is my best friend.
  • (S)He likes to __________.
  • His/Her favorite food is_________.
  • Favorite color
  • Favorite game to play.
  • Sometimes we ____________
  • Our favorite thing to do together is__________.

The great thing about homemade books with pictures is if your child helps, you have a book (s)he can read!

WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? This is a good time to begin microscope activities.  When you have your child and a friend (or sibling) have them compare/contrast a strand of hair under the microscope.  You can also do skin cells by scraping off a few from the arm onto a slide.  Talk about similarities and differences, and how we are all alike in some ways.

MAGNETIC PERSONALITIES: In this fun activity, there is a little bit of preparation, but this is so much fun!  Things you will need, magnet, empty jar lids, photos of friends, stick and string.  Before the activity, print and cut the photos of friends and glue them to the jar lids.  Tie the string to the stick, to make a fishing pole.  Attach the magnet to the end of the string, as you would a “hook.”

To begin teaching about magnets, I accidentally knock off of my table or desk a whole container of paper clips. I kinda make a big deal about the  “Mess I have made.” I ask the child(ren) if they can help me think of the most productive way to pick up the clips.  Some of them offer to help me pick them up, some suggest a vacuum, and then I introduce a magnet.  If you can have a bar magnet, that works great!  The show how quickly the magnet will just pick up the clips.

After you have done this little magnet lesson, add in the friendship theme.  Put the jar lids, programmed with photos of friends, into a kiddie pool or foot tub.  Your child can then “fish for friends.”  To add a bit of review or to find out how much your child knows, have your child tell you one way to be a friend or treat a friend before fishing.  When your child “catches” a friend, they need to be able to tell you the friend’s name (add in some newer friends, if possible), and one good thing about that friend.

BROKEN BY WORDS is an activity to help your child in the area of watching our words.  You will need an egg, a bowl, a piece of paper and markers or crayons.  On the piece of paper draw a large cartoon speech bubble.  Give your child an egg and a bowl.  Ask him/her to break the egg into the bowl.  After this is done, talk to them about what hurts their feelings.  Write the words or phrases in a speech balloon.

Next, tell your child it is time to clean up and (s)he needs to put the egg back inside the shell.  When your child figures out this can’t be done, have a discussion about how we can’t put our words back in, after we have said them.

Matthew 15:18 is great to use with this.  Draw a large mouth and have your child write the verse in the mouth. You may use this mouth writing page.

FRIENDLY SONG:  Do “If You’re Friendly and You Know It” instead of “Happy And You Know It.”

Do a search on youtube for the following:  “Friendship songs children”  You should get a few of these:

  • The Friendship Song- Learning Station
  • Friendship Song- Carly Simon song in Pooh’s Heffalump Movie
  • What Are Friends For? by Jackie Silberg
  • Song “Be a Friend” – Children’s Music Video
  • The More We Get Together- Learning Station
  • Best Friends (Children’s song by Patty Shukla)
  • “Jesus Is My Best Friend” Children’s Ministry Worship Video by Yancy
  • “What are Friends for” – Children’s Music Video
  • Song “Forever Friend” – Children’s Music Video
  • Friendship – Mickey, Goofy, & Donald (with Lyrics)

PAPER PLATE FRIENDS: Have your child decorate paper plates with the characteristics of their friends.

For this activity you will need:
Your child and at least one friend
A disposable cake pan
Permanent Marker.

Mix the plaster by the directions on the package.  Pour plaster in the disposable pan.  Have your child and friends place hand into plaster.  Allow to dry and remove the plaster from the pan.  Have each child paint his/her hand.  Using a permanent marker, write each child’s name under the print.  Label it, “My Friends and Me!”

Next Week’s Theme: Community Helpers!

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