Lunch Bag Math Book!

Good morning!! I almost had this post finished and my battery died and the post was lost!! So, here we go, again!!

Today’s tip is a math activity. This is a skill-rich activity that can be used over and over and grow with your child, during the early years. This is “Lunch Bag Math Book”! You can choose to do the writing on the bags, or allow your child to do the writing.

You will need:
3-10 lunch bags, depending on the numbers with which your child is working.
Small items (buttons, paper clips, small rocks, etc)
Velcro (optional)

1. Write the number 1 on the end of the bag.
2. Fold the bottom over to make a flap.
3. Inside the flap draw one dot.
4. Beside the flap write the number word “one”
5. On the top corner of the fold, punch a hole.
6. Repeat this on each bag, changing the number.
7. Collect the bags onto a hinged book ring.

Encourage your child to put the correct number of items into the bags. This will help practice one-to-one correspondence, recognize numbers 1-10, recognize number words, and see a pictoral (dots) representation of that number.

I like to put a small piece of Velcro on the fold to keep the flap closed.

For children beginning to do addition, after putting the correct number of items in the bags, have him choose two different bags. (example: two and three) Have him take out the items and lay them on the top of the bags. As he says, “Two plus three,” have him put all of the buttons to the right of the bags and count them all, and then say the answer, “5.” You can also use an addition mat by drawing on a piece of paper, “____+_____=_____” He can put 2 buttons on one blank, three on the other, and then physically move them to the line behind the equals. If you laminate the mat, he can write the numbers on the blanks with wipe off crayons or dry erase markers, as he moves the buttons off of the line.

I hope you enjoy the activity. Please feel free to come over to the group at share any other ideas with this activity, pictures of your child doing it, or comments/questions!!

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