My Interest In Pinterest: Regrow Veggie Scraps

Considering my garden hasn’t been as productive as I would like, I thought I would try this tip.   This is the pin from my Board: Regrow Kitchen Scraps

The original post can be found at Permaculture Ideas.

So far, I have grown ginger from a store bought root, an avocado seed, celery, romaine lettuce, pineapple plants from the top, garlic, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, pinto beans from a bag of dried beans, and green onions.

The ginger grew nicely and I was quite proud of it.  I put it on my back porch to get some fresh air, and I caught two squirrels digging it out of the pot and carrying it off! I will do it again, but I don’t use ginger very often, so it will be a “pet plant.”  I like for our children to see the produce they can regrow.  I have one interested in Oriental cuisine, so he will know the least expensive way to get ginger!

The avocado pit took a long time to sprout and root.  It is still living, but due to hot temps and the size of the pot, it is not pretty enough to take a photo right now.

I have four pineapple plants living and growing.  I have given away many, also.  People love getting these as gifts in a nice pot!

I have grown sweet potato vines many times and have started sweet potatoes in my garden, in the past.  This year, I have grown red potatoes and pinto beans from store bought.  I will harvest potatoes later this week and the pinto beans are the most successful plant in my garden, thus far!

I grew celery and got enough to grow for one recipe before buying more.  The celery, lettuce, and green onions, I have only grown in jars of water.  I am going to take a chance and plant the lettuce after a nice root forms this time.

My favorite and most successful is green onions.  The green onions continued growing for about three months in nothing but water!  I only paid 69 cents for organic green onions and they lasted that long!  I started a new batch this week!  Here is a photo of my romaine lettuces and my green onions in the kitchen window.


I would say this pin is a FABULOUS FIND!!

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