Garden Goodies!

I have good news and bad news from the garden:

There has been a death!DSCN8389This little Roma just laid down and died!  These plants have been in the garden for 3 months and 8 of the 12 have only grown to 1 foot- 18 inches tall.  The four plants that have grown tall have NO blooms at all.  I really have no idea what is going on with the tomatoes.  I have grown tomatoes my entire adult life, except for the past three summers.   I have been advised that it is more than likely due to the “manicured” lawns in my new neighborhood.  The chemicals used to keep the lawns “perfect” has taken all of the nutrients out of the soil. When my healthy garden soil and nice fertilized straw bales are  brought in, all the little critters come running to the nutrients.  IF we are still here next year, my husband has decided we will try a barrier between the dirt and the bales.  After all, we know there is great success on concrete.  It is a good thing we have access to an organic farm that is loaded with tomatoes and will be at our local farmer’s market.

Now, for the good news in the garden! The newest plants are thriving.

DSCN8416 DSCN8417

  Look at the beautiful blooms on the squash plants and all of the little blooms ready to show their beauty, soon!


The cucumber vines are climbing the fencing and tiny little bloom pods are growing from the leaves.


The green beans are next to the tomatoes.  They were slowing dying, as well.  I noticed this morning that there is new growth and a few blooms!  Hopefully, I will have a late harvest of green beans!


Speaking of beans, the pintos are doing great!  I have some large pods and some teeny-tiny ones. You can barely see them at the tops of each little bloom.


The Sugar Peas are also doing great!  I can’t wait to use these in a stir-fry for my “music man,” who loves Chinese food!


While the picture is not in focus, there is no mistaking the big bloom on my bell peppers!

DSCN8419 DSCN8386

My strawberries are still producing.  I have a finicky robin that is enjoying them WAY too much. I keep finding the tops on a nearby straw bale!  The grapes are still “hanging” in there and I can notice a color change a little each week.  I counted 12 bunches of grapes today.  Not bad for a vine I have only had a year and a clearance find, at that!

Elsewhere in the yard:

The few flowers I have, are in full bloom! Daisies, Gladiolas, and Lilies.

DSCN8214 DSCN8215

DSCN8217 DSCN8216

DSCN8218 DSCN8221

I noticed they were almost at the end of their blooming and I wanted to enjoy them more than the few times I was in my front yard everyday, so I cut some and put together a bouquet for our table!


I pray your day is blessed and full of God’s lovelies!

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  1. Lovely Lori ! So are you I love ya

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