Peek-A-Boo In The Garden!

I went out, armed with the camera, and noticed something peeking through the dirt on one of my straw bales!


Yes, that is a little red potato.

Even with all of the trials in the garden this year, I am very excited!  The “replants” are doing great!

This is what I saw this morning:





Blossoms on the pintos….






and sugar snap peas!





Cucumbers are growing nicely!







Small pepper blooms are appearing.





Watermelon vines are getting longer!




DSCN8118 DSCN8120DSCN8119Squash plants have blooms starting to grow.




My little lonely blueberry is getting some blue color.




Little beet plants were peeking out this morning, also!





The pollinators have been busy at work.  Can you see all of the pollen on the petals?





And for my “creepy crawly” of the day, this little spider has taken up residence on my tomato cage!

Check in next week for more updates!

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