A Visit to the Garden

I took some pictures in the garden today.  I planted the watermelons and cucumbers almost two weeks ago.















Pinto Beans. I started these from a bag of dry pintos. I enjoy being able to take food I have in the kitchen and provide for long-term!




The poor green beans.  I don’t know if they are going to make it or not!  I have TWO whole green beans!!  I do have a few more that look like they may be ready to bloom.






These are some of the cucumbers I planted two weeks ago.  I have hopes that these will grow and produce.  I have also planted a couple of bell peppers.



These are Roma Tomatoes.

DSCN8085 DSCN8084


I have been trying to be more natural and healthy.  I have also started looking at GMOs.  This is a Better Boy.  I found out, right after I planted, that this is a genetically modified tomato.  I am thinking this will be the last year for Better Boys in my garden!







We have Robins everywhere, including babies!




DSCN8030I love watching Momma Bird teach the young ones to fly.  This is Momma and her Baby.


I see that Ladybugs have been busy!  This is a ladybug larvae and pupa.  While these will eat a few leaves, I don’t like to kill these because the ladybug can be quite beneficial to the garden.

DSCN8043    DSCN8034


Taking pictures of nature is a passion of mine.  I also enjoy studying and getting a closer look at all of the little “creepy crawlies” that live around me.  This is a little spider on a daisy bud. I didn’t take the time to identify this one.






I found a little hybrid petunia on the clearance rack at a local store.  








It was $1.25.  I wasn’t sure how well it would do, since I haven’t raised any in the time I have lived here and I have not had the best of luck with growing.  I have had beautiful petunias in the past, so I took a chance.  I made a “dish garden” of sorts, with the petunia, small plants of shasta daisies, and some star moss along the front.  This was last weekend, just a few blooms and some ready to open.


Today, I noticed it had filled in the pot a bit more and many blooms have opened!

DSCN8073         DSCN8073a


Some weeds and wildflowers have been hiding out and are blooming.  I had to get some photos of all the colors!

DSCN8066 DSCN8065 DSCN8064 




The mint patch is in full bloom.








The grapes are getting large and just starting to see a bit of a blue hue.








Look how beautiful the dew berries are becoming.  This is last week…..






and this week’s comparison!






I was given this begonia, last year, and put it in a large pot with some Swedish Ivy.  This has been wintering in the house and I noticed a little piece of Wandering Jew vine had made its way into the pot.




The kids spotted these “wild strawberries” in the yard and asked if we could eat them.  Some have said they are poisonous and others have said they are edible.  Being a retired teacher AND a homeschool mom, that led to some research!  We found that wild strawberries are edible and are wonderful and sweet. Of course, with most good news, there comes bad news and  there was a catch.  There is a “Wood Strawberry” that has either no taste or is quite bitter.  While not poisonous, it is not worth taking the time to pick, clean, and eat.  We found out that the difference in the two are the color of blooms.  The wild strawberries and a white bloom and wood strawberries have a yellow bloom.   We had to go into the yard and see what we had, and this is what we found…..


We had a yellow bloom, so we only have wood strawberries and they are not edible!  It was fun finding out!







A nice day for a lazy dog to sun!  I hope you have enjoyed my latest visit in the garden!  I will provide more updates, soon!

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