Update on the Straw Bale Garden

I can’t believe it has been so long since my last garden update.  After my last educational post on overly active children, I was prompted to offer workshops to Home Educating parents.  I am very grateful for this ministry opportunity.

DSCN7963In the mean time, I have had quite a fight on my hands with the garden.  Bugs settled in my straw bales and began eating some of my plants from the root up. I tried the Dawn Detergent in water and ended up killing some of my plants.  My sweet peas had beautiful blooms and pods.  The plants completely died. Everywhere the soap was sprayed turned plants brown, green beans, tomatoes, etc.  I have been told I used too much soap, as it takes very little.  Also, I used the ultra and not the old fashioned blue, which make it even more soap!  I have found out that because our area has such manicured lawns, the chemicals it takes to perfect the lawns actually drains the beneficial nutrients from the ground. The bugs evidently went into my bales to find nutrients. When I got discouraged, I broke down and used some seven-dust.  

DSCN7981 DSCN7980Long story short, I have replanted some cucumbers, watermelon and bell peppers.  The tomatoes have small fruits,



the green beans have 2-3 inch long pods, 





and the potatoes are doing awesome.



I have also planted a variety of squash, cantaloupes,  and pinto beans.  



My dewberries are doing great (even though the photo is not).



The grapes are producing a healthy crop, especially for the first year.




I have one little lonely blueberry.  With a family of five, we won’t get much to share!!





Mint and daisies are blooming.




We did a major yard clean-up and I found this healthy wisteria growing on the back fence.

I also found this wild variegated grape vine or porcelain vine.  I just didn’t have the heart to cut it down!  I think I will find something nice for it to grow on!


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2 Responses to Update on the Straw Bale Garden

  1. Lori if Nonie could just see all you are doing and have done she would be so proud of you and i’m sure she proabaly is seeing it and telling grangran to look what Lori is doing and he is smiling big. I am proud you took on their love for gardening and working with raising your own food. You are carring on a legacey. Love you and I know I do not have to say that Walter should be thankful for you because I know he is greatly thankful. Keep up the good work and love. Love you much Aunt Rita

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement. Gardening is what I do to relieve stress and to relax. Almost every memory I have (and there are so many) of time spent with them, other than Christmas, involved being outdoors and most of them were in that garden, or of Nonie canning, freezing, and cooking. I know that she showed her love to us through growing and preparing that food, through sewing and creating for us, and even though she was not always “verbal” about her love, I could feel her love in the ways she provided for her family. Every bite of food that came from her and every night spent under one of her quilts, or the warm moments outdoors in the coats she would get us each Christmas, meant so much more, because we knew she did it out of love.

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