Continued Growth in the Garden



I want to share my visit in the garden today.  Yesterday was full of rain and the temperature dropped to the high 30’s overnight.  That didn’t seem to deter the growth in the garden.

Before I move on, I want to share the process of the new bales.  This is day 9 and I will be adding 1 cup of 10-10-10 fertilizer to each bale today.  Tomorrow, I will lay the soaker hose and cover with compost manure, and my new bales will be ready to plant!

Today, I discovered a whole little ecosystem thriving in the soil.  I saw little bugs and new mushrooms.  I am afraid that some of the little bugs may be chomping on some of my little seeds.  As I was close to the dirt, a beautiful rainbow caught my eye under a little twig.  When I moved the twig, I saw that God was protecting my garden from the bugs.  That little rainbow was a tiny spider web covered with dew.  The sun was shining just right and was producing the rainbow.  This is a picture of the web, but the prism from the light didn’t show up in the photo.

My little bean patch.



My garden held more surprises today!  I had many bean sprouts!





I also got a new shot of the little bean plant that was featured in the last post.  Isn’t she just beautiful?






I was amazed to see one of the little sprouts from my last visit, had developed nice strong leaves.




My tomato plants show signs of new growth.  Many of my Facebook friends were complaining about all of the rain and the sad condition of their tomatoes.  Some were even considering starting over.  We have more rain scheduled for today and the local plants are effected by all the water.  My tomato plants seem to be doing beautifully.  One of the advantages to straw bale gardening is that  adequate draining is always provided.  I am grateful this is one more problem I don’t have to tackle.

DSCN7870 Here, you can see small white spots of some type of fungus or mold.  It is growing under the shade of  a tomato plant.  I am not sure if this will have any bearing on my plant, or not, but so far, as the compost dries in the sun, these type of fungi disappear by mid-day.  I will keep an eye on it and update in my next post.



The eggplant is growing nicely.





The little cabbage sprout from the last blog entry.  This is a close-up.  I didn’t have to use a piece of straw to point it out, this time!  I love grilled cabbage.  Maybe this one will get the pleasure of feeding my family in that way.




A new type of mushroom was growing in the potato bale!  I am enjoying all of the different types of mushrooms.  I am wondering if an edible morel garden would work in a bale.



My strawberry plants, though they be few, are working hard to produce nice fruit!




I needed to get a trellis prepared for my vining plants.  Because of unexpected expenses (isn’t that the way it usually works?), I had to be creative.  I had plenty of wood from the deck we disassembled and ran jute between them to form a place for the plants to vine.  I will add more as the plants grow.



While I was there, I just had to check in on the Momma Blue Jay.  Her colors seemed quite brilliant this morning!





I did get a picture of the same little dewberry I posted about.  Do you notice the growth?





I have a dog, Star, who was 18 years old in January.  She is a Lab/Daschund mix! When she went for her “walk”,  I took the camera along and I will just share some of the other photos I took today.  I don’t have much to share from the front yard and was pleased with most of what I found.




The Leather Leaf Mahonia has its Spring berries.              DSCN7898


I was captivated by the way the sunlight caught the colors of the Japanese Maple.






The Spring Geraniums are in bloom, as well as the phlox(?).  DSCN7892 DSCN7892a





Gladiolas and Shasta Daisies have also made an appearance. 






And now for the UGLY:  What Tennessee garden wouldn’t be complete without the dreaded POISON IVY?

Well, that wraps it up for me today.

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