Surprises in the Garden!

I am forty-three years old, and every year of my life I have watched seeds turn to plants.  I have a feeling that no matter how old I may live to be, I will experience the same things every year:  Amazement, wonder, anticipation, and excitement.  Walking out to my garden several times a day and seeing something new every time, keeps me in awe and wonder.  I am still amazed at the way our Father Creator planned every seed to provide for us.

Today has been a day of joy and happiness, as I watched the rain fall on my garden.  In every break I could manage, strolling to the garden was my first task.  I got the camera out around lunch time to take some photos to update my blog.  It has been one week today since the straw bale garden was planted.  At 4:30 p.m., I went out once again and had to run back into the house for my camera.  The garden often seems to be in fast forward and I witnessed that today.  First of all, I have some photos to post and then, I want to share some before and after pictures of the day.

This is day 7 for prepping the bales.  Not much has changed.

This is my little onion patch.  I was quite exuberant when I saw this site.  I have been frustrated a bit because the straw I bought was not only straw.  It had many seed heads left in it and the wheat is starting to sprout.  I happened to plant onions on this bale.  As the wheat sprouts, it looks like onion.  It takes several hours to figure out if the sprouts are wheat or not.  When the leaves begin to open and I realize they are wheat, I have to pull them out.  To my chagrin, when I returned to the garden this afternoon, all of these little sprouts had opened to wheat, except for two.  I am hoping, at least those two are onions!!

I had a few more bean sprouts peeking out from the soil!

Peas are sprouting up all over the place!

Now for some before and after of today:

This is the same little bean from the photo above.  This morning is on the left and just three hours later with the rain, we have little leaves clearly formed!

My apologies for the clarity of this photo, but this is the little pea sprout that was in the last post. Her little leaves are now standing up out of the seed.

This is the potato I photographed for the last post.  The leaves have started to open and the little sprout next door has developed new leaves.

Another delightful surprise was awaiting me on my late afternoon visit: Cabbage sprouts. The sprouts are the little dots at the tops of each piece of straw. Upon closer inspection, I counted 5 plants!!

I promised to be truthful on my blog, and share “the good, the bad, and the ugly”, and this is one of those.. squirrels and robins!!  I love squirrels and enjoy watching them, but I do not want them destroying my garden.  It appears the squirrels have dug up two potatoes.  I am hoping for the best, that they only got the sprouts and not the actual potato.  I will update when I find out!

Other places in our yard:

I have an old retired baker’s rack on my back deck that I have transformed into my “planting” center.  On the shelves I have cantaloupe, watermelon, cukes and squash growing.  This is what I found this morning:
DSCN7804Cantaloupe sprouts– I counted 6.

DSCN7798 These are straight eight cucumbers. All of them have sprouts except for four pods!!

My grapes are growing and beginning to separate into little individual globes.

My dewberries have more blooms and the little berries are starting to form.DSCN7817DSCN7816DSCN7818One of the berries growing after the petals of          the blossoms had fallen away!                                                          

I started this avocado from a pit.  I didn’t think it was ever going to sprout.  I put it out on the deck pretty early in the season.  When we went camping one weekend, the temperature dropped more than I expected and the leaves turned brown.DSCN7807  I thought it may be dead, but I noticed that new leaves are growing in the top!                                                  

Last year at the end of growing season, I bought a pot of hosta for $1.  It had two plants in it and they looked pretty sick.  I brought them home and doctored them, to no avail.  The plants died back.  I put the pot under the edge of the deck and forgot about it.  This week, as I was walking by on that side of the deck, this is what I found!!

I was alone in my garden yesterday, and I heard a noise over the fence.  When I looked up, I noticed a Momma Blue Jay had built a nest on the ladder that hangs at the back of our neighbor’s shed.  I couldn’t resist photographing her!!  I think she was posing for me!!

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