Straw Bale Gardening Continued

Good Morning!  I am so excited!!  I have sprouts.  I have been running out the door like a mad woman trying to keep the robins and squirrels from enjoying, what they consider to be, the all day buffet!!

I knew from research, that I could have some mushrooms grow in my bales.  I didn’t have any as I was preparing them.  The rain has been quite heavy and the temperature has been cool.  I went out yesterday morning, and I HAD MUSHROOMS.

DSCN7768 DSCN7769

I know they won’t help the production of the garden (nor will it harm it), but now I feel like the process is going in the right direction.  Not everyone has mushrooms, and that is fine, too… but for some weird reason, it excited me to see them.  You can also see from the “Green sides” that I  must have accidentally been sold a bale of hay, rather than straw.  But for now, it is working fine.

One problem I have noticed is in the transplanted tomatoes and green beans.  They have these white spots on the leaves.  It has been my experience that this happens when we have had a large amount of rain and then bright sun.  The leaves are wet and cool and suddenly the sun comes out and scorches them.

DSCN7765 DSCN7764

Now to share some of my sprouts:

All of those small little white spots are actually broccoli sprouts.

We are excited about our cilantro!

My lettuce patch is just overrun with little sprouts!!

The potatoes have leaves beginning to open.

A pea sprout!

This is where I planted a sunflower.  I am hoping this is a sunflower sprout and not something one of the squirrels has buried!!  This is on the ground beside the bales.  I am curious to see what this is!!

In other places in my yard, I have strawberries blooming.  I will have one bale of stawberries when the new bales are prepared for planting!

I also have wild “dewberries” growing.  I started “babying” these last year and this year, they are LOADED with blooms.  The birds attacked them last year and I only got 3 berries..yes, three little berries. I am hoping to at lest have enough for a small cobbler this year!!

DSCN7782 DSCN7781 DSCN7780

Check in again soon to see what’s going on in the garden!!

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2 Responses to Straw Bale Gardening Continued

  1. The tomatoes are showing cold damage. It’s not the bales. Beautiful shots and I can’t wait to see more.

    • I was not concerned that it was the bales. It got quite cool here during the heavy rain and then the sun blasted suddenly for a few hours. When I got home, this is what I had. I am so glad you enjoy the shots. I can’t wait to have more to post!!

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