Sweet Pea is Learning to Sew!

For Christmas, Sweet Pea requested a sewing machine.  We FINALLY took it out of the box and she started sewing lessons this week.  Being a step-mom has so many rewards and blessings.  This has been one of them.  I sew quite often with mine and she has made a small project last year, but it was one straight line seam.  Now for the real lessons.

First, she had to learn to thread the machine.  She gave a big “thumbs up” when she finally got it for the first time.


Each night, when she is finished sewing, I make sure she takes the thread out, so she can thread it every day.  This way, I know she is getting plenty of practice.

I can remember when I first started learning, I had to sew the lines on notebook paper, in order to practice getting them straight.  I have not seen anyone do this since then, but it worked for me, and I have LOTS of notebook paper.  I figure it is cheaper than fabric for practice.  She had to keep going until she could do 3 straight lines without messing up… I figured this would take her a while.  I was WRONG!!

IMG_0040 IMG_0042

The picture on the left is her first night and the picture on her right is the second night.  By George, I think she’s got it.  So, I thought, well, I will draw curves.  This will take a while for her to master.  Again, I WAS WRONG!!


This little girl has an “I want to be challenged” streak and she drew some of her own curves and designs and those weren’t a “challenge”.  She comes to me and asks if I will give her something that will actually challenge her.  So, I wrote her name in cursive.  That proved to be pretty difficult, but she didn’t give up.  She got to the end and wanted another one.  She was so proud and wanted to share with her mom. I wrote “Mom” on a piece of paper and she sewed around that, and did a fabulous job!


I took a picture and sent it to her Mom.  I can’t believe how great she is doing on her second lesson!!  After this, I had her sew two pieces of paper together with a 5/8″ seam.  Today, she is practicing more of just drawing whatever design she wants to do and sewing around that.  She decided that she couldn’t leave her Daddy out of the project, so she wrote his name, and sewed that.  She took great pleasure in “presenting” it to him.


Tomorrow, she will practice on fabric before sewing an apron.  A friend of ours “hired” her to make the apron!!

This has been a wonderful time of learning and bonding!  I thank God for these precious moments!!

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2 Responses to Sweet Pea is Learning to Sew!

  1. Johanna says:

    what a great little post about sewing. Love the ideas and the pictures. thanks for sharing. I want to learn to sew myself and teach my boys. You just gave me a great idea how to start for all of us. Course, I still might need some lessons on how to run a sewing machine but I am sure utube can help with that.

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