Canna Journal Day 3 and Plant bargain I found

Today is day three.  You will notice in the pictures that the seed with the center protruding is longer today.  All of the seed coats are now soaked thoroughly and have loosened.


You will notice in the picture on the right, there is one seed with what appears to be a sprout, coming out the back.  There is another view of this in the picture below on the left!

DSCN7500 DSCN7501


For those of you near an Aldi, they had a great deal on hanging baskets.  The baskets were $5 each.  I got a Wandering Jew and an Airplane Plant.  They were very heavy with roots, actually root bound, so I split them into two pots and wanted to share how healthy the plants look.  I love getting great deals on plants that are easily propagated from cuttings, so they can be shared with others.



This is the Purple Wandering Jew that was split.  This was ALL in the upper, small green pot!


And this is the Airplane Plant.  Again, all of this was crammed into the 8″ green pot on the right. It was FULL of tubers! At our local store, there were four varieties of baskets.

If you have found any great plant deals, or know of swaps coming up, please share.  I am in the Memphis, TN area.







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