Cheeseburger Joes

I was in a hurry one Wednesday night, preparing dinner before church and my hamburger meat had not thawed.   The kids wanted cheeseburgers.  My only option was to brown the ground beef from a frozen state, which means “no patties”.  I was trying to decide what to do with this 2 lbs. of seasoned, browned ground beef and decided to add 1/2 cup milk and some American cheese.  I poured in the milk and put 8-10  slices of cheese on top of the ground beef, covered with the skillet top and let the cheese melt.  I then stirred the cheese into the meat/milk and had a wonderful cheesey sauce.  I removed the lid and let it reduce just a bit.  I was a bit nervous as I served this concoction to my hungry brood.  I served the meat on buns with the condiments I would usually serve with burgers.  They were looking at it a bit “funny”, but they trust my cooking and took a bite.  I got instant, “mmmm”, “Wow,this is awesome!”, “This is definitely a ‘Do-over’!”  This recipe is now a common request from the family!  I have even served it with company and they will ask for the recipe.  They can’t believe how simple this one is and how yummy it turns out!!

Note:  See my breakfast take on this with a photo, Breakfast Joes!

I usually bake seasoned fries or tater tots to go with this!

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