Breakfast Joes

I try to be the best, godly wife and step-mother I can be.  I try to be productive for my family and I think it is very important that our day begins with a hearty breakfast and God’s Word.  My husband takes care of covering God’s Word, as is his responsibility, and I take care of the hearty breakfast.  Like the Proverbs 31 woman, I rise before the sun to prepare for our day.  In my previous post, Cheeseburger Joes, you will see that recipe came about because I wasn’t as prepared for dinner as I should have been.  Well, when a very similar thing happened with breakfast, I decided to try the trick on sausage!  (Do you see a pattern here?  Sometimes my ADHD can’t help but appear!) When I served breakfast, you would have thought I had discovered gold!!  I got rave reviews from my happy family!  I have made some variations and additions, so see my note at the bottom.

Breakfast Joes

1 lb. sausage, browned

1/4 c. milk

6-8 slices American cheese

That’s it!!  Brown the sausage, add the milk, put on the cheese, cover the pan and let the cheese melt.  Stir, cook uncovered to allow for reduction of sauce, if needed.  How simple is that??  I serve this on sliced bread, toast, or biscuits! They really aren’t that fussy about what bread it is on.

NOTE:  I like to add eggs at times to make this an even heartier meal.  I add the eggs (1 per person I am serving) after the sausage is browned.  I then add the milk and cheese.  I do have a child with egg allergy, so I remove his before adding the egg, or use egg beaters, which he can have.  You can also add onions cooked into the sausage.

I enjoy serving my healthy “fruit salad” with this for breakfast!

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