Acts 25-26- Acts in 28 Days

Acts 25 and 26

Festus arrived three days later.  After some time, the Jews who had come from Jerusalem, once again brought charges against Paul with no witnesses or evidence of any kind.  Paul respected the law and had not defiled the customs of the temple. Festus wanted to do the Jews a favor.  He asked Paul if he was willing to go to Jerusalem and stand trial.  Paul insisted that he should be tried where he was, and that he had done no wrong.  Paul also took a stand to say that if he had done anything worthy of death, he would not refuse to die, but none of the charges were true, and because of that, no one could hand him over to the Jews.  As a Roman citizen, Paul appealed to Caesar.  Festus conceded.

Several days later, King Agrippa and Bernice arrived and visited with Festus.  Festus shared the case with the king. King Agrippa wanted to hear Paul speak.  The next day, in great ceremony, the king entered the auditorium. Festus presented Paul to Agrippa saying that he needed something to write to Caesar as he sent Paul.  There was no reason to send Paul without charges.

As chapter 26 opens, Paul was given permission to speak for himself before Agrippa.  Agrippa was well acquainted with Jewish custom, as he controlled the temple treasury.  Paul addressed him by once again recounting his conversion on the road to Damascus.  He then shared with Agrippa that he was following the obedience of the vision by declaring Jesus as Christ, and that very act is the reason the Jews were against him.  In verse 22 Paul again, gives glory to God.  He says, “So, having obtained help from God, I stand to this day testifying both to small and great, stating nothing but what the Prophets and Moses said was going to take place; that the Christ was to suffer, and that by reason if His resurrection from the dead He would be the first to proclaim light both to the Jewish people and to the Gentiles.”  Festus said loudly, “Paul, you are out of your mind!  Your great learning is driving you mad.”  Paul said that he was not out of his mind and that King Agrippa even believed the Prophets.  Agrippa told Paul that in a short time he would persuade him to become a Christian.   Paul wished that not only Agrippa, but all who heard his voice might come to Christ without the chains.  King Agrippa concluded that Paul had done nothing worthy or death or imprisonment and had he not appeared to Caesar, he would have been set free.

This was the beginning of the God’s promise that Paul would testify about Him in Rome.  Paul proudly and boldly continued to proclaim God’s Word unashamedly.  I pray we can stand on the Truth and declare Christ to all.

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