Recycling Dryer Lint– “It’s For The Birds”

I love to find ways to use things we would throw out in a new way that is helpful.  For years, I have made lint bags for the birds in my yard.  This is a great, quick project for your whole family.  We have been saving lint all winter, and  today we used it!  This is our finished project.

bird lintbag2

For this Science project you will need:

A mesh bag (we used an onion bag)

Lint from your dryer (this takes quite a bit, pack it tight)

2 Wired twisty ties (I saved them off bread bags.)

birdnest lint bag

Simply stuff the lint into the bag.  I have found over the years that if I gather the top with a string, the birds will also take the string for their nests, the bag would fall apart and I would have lint all over my yard!!  I do add small ragged pieces of fabric scraps and thread from my sewing, if I have any.

bird lintbag 1

I gather the opening of the mesh bag with the twisty tie and hang it from a shepherd rod in my yard.

I apologize for the poor quality of my recent photos.  My camera batteries are dead and I just haven’t gotten to the store!  I know many of you busy parents/teachers will understand!!

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2 Responses to Recycling Dryer Lint– “It’s For The Birds”

  1. godmadeknown says:

    This is a great idea! I think we’ll use this when we’re studying birds next year. Thanks!

    • Make sure you start saving the lint now. I saw a bird this morning with a twig of straw and knew it was time to put it out. Let me know how it goes. I will post more bird lessons as we go. I have LOTS, along with some helpful links!

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